Why you should rent toys?

Why renting toys is great The primary benefit of the toy rental approach is that, even if you really expose your children to a broader variety of toys, you will have struck the perfect balance of fewer toys and more learning over the course of a year by renting toys on a monthly basis. Through its rental subscription business model, Toyflix enables you to moderate your child's access to toys in order to maximize their opportunity for creative learning.

How STEM and educational toys help your child?

What could be more exciting than encouraging children to use their imaginations to create something new and unique? Participating in STEM-focused activities gives children numerous opportunities for creative thinking, which helps them develop skills in problem-solving, spatial reasoning, engineering concepts, and other areas. It also helps children gain confidence in their own abilities and inspires them to continue learning.

How Toyflix chooses best toys for your child?

Buying toys for our kids can be an exhausting (and expensive) experience. Taking them into a store, or surfing a website and giving them a seemingly endless amount of opinions, can be overwhelming for everyone. And then it always seems that they want the biggest or most expensive toy in the store — the one you were trying not to have to buy. So then, you’re stuck arguing about why you won’t or can’t buy that particular toy.